New site, who dis?

Stop procrastinating and update your website. You’d probably already be done by now if you started when you said you would.
— Me to me, every day for the last nine months.

I've been wanting to update my website for well over half a year now, which is an outrageously long time to have a thought and not do anything with. But, I've finally made the time to create a site I'm proud of and start using this bad boy as a solid marketing tool.

While swapping servers, transferring domains and editing the site, I questioned whether this was even necessary. We live in an age of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter - is a website even relevant any more? I decided that it is. I'm someone who hopes to work internationally as an actor and I feel like having a website is a great way to centralize everything, making it easier for people to see all the important bits in one place. On this new site, you can find my CV, showreels, links to social media, IMDb and my agent. You can also check out some stories that have been published about me (both print and online) and read up on the incredible opportunities and accolades I've been lucky enough to receive and experience throughout my career. I'll also be posting blogs every now and then (and if you made it this far into the post, you've clearly figured out where the blogs tab lives).

I've started off the year with a bang. I'm currently in rehearsals for The Wishing Well with Two Braids Collective, the company I co-launched in November 2017. We're performing March 7th-17th at the Taylor King Art Studio+Gallery in Brisbane. It's set in a dystopian world and tells the story of five young soldiers who stumble across a supernatural well. They're faced with an ultimatum and must decide if they risk the unknown to gain everything they've ever wanted. Tickets can be purchased via this link.

I had an audition not too long ago for a web series and find out the results of that over the coming week. It was my first audition of the year and what a way to kick of 2018! I felt really happy with the work I did inside the audition room and left feeling like I gave it my absolute best crack. You know how actors always preach about "if you leave the room feeling like you tried your best and you couldn't have done any better" then that's the sign of a good audition? Well, this is only the second time I've ever felt like that after a casting. You may say I'm being too hard on myself or that everyone is their own worst critic...but the first time I had that feeling was after auditioning for the first commercial I ever booked. I feel like sometimes you just get a feel as to whether or not you nailed the brief. I definitely have that "I can't act" feeling today after the audition I had this morning. It wasn't terrible, just wasn't great either. But we shall see!

Until next time, I'm back into rehearsals, applying for grants, teaching acting classes and working on making 2018 a year of creative triumphs (also trying to squeeze in time to watch important things like The Real Housewives of Melbourne. #treatyourself).

Aimee Duroux