Everything's coming up Milhouse!

To live a creative life we must first lose the fear of being wrong.
— Joseph Chilton Pearce

You know how I had two auditions last month? The first for a web-series that I felt like I absolutely killed and another for a commercial that I had tucked far back into the dark corners of my mind, never to think of again? Turns out I don't know anything about what I'm doing because the web-series part I auditioned for I didn't get (but I did get a minor role in the same production) and I'm on hold for the commercial. I am shook/10. That's the funny thing about this industry, everything is subjective and you never really know if you're what the casting director/producer/director is looking for until you either hear back...or you don't.  And yeah, intuition is a powerful thing and can sometimes give you an indication of how you went; it can build you up or knock you down before you've had a chance to properly reflect on the work you've done. I think the smartest thing to do is to prepare the best you can for an audition, give it all in the casting office and then leave everything there - your preparation, your performance, your nerves, your confidence, (probably not your wallet) and leave the building focusing on what you're going to have for lunch and not what minor changes you could've made to your audition to make it "just that little bit better."

In other news, my company, Two Braids Collective has its first showing of The Wishing Well tonight, a play written and directed by co-director of Two Braids, Samantha Bull. It's been so challenging, enlightening and rewarding to see this show through from conception to production and I am really proud of the work we've created. It plays in Brisbane from tonight until March 17th. Our first week is almost entirely sold out (which is bonkers) so to secure your tickets before they disappear, click here.


Yesterday I also got the news that I've been selected to be a La Boite Theatre Company Ambassador, which means I become part of a program that offers mentoring, networking and development opportunities for a select group of young theatre makers and creatives under the umbrella of a professional theatre company. Super excited to see where the year takes me with that!

I'm off to do last minute producer things for The Wishing Well now and to probably eat something because I've been awake for two hours and haven't left the confines of my bed. If only I slept in the kitchen.

Aimee Duroux