Life is a Rollercoaster (as sung by Ronan Keating)

Acting is weird and clients are tricky to read and producing is hard and directors are confusing.

SO. The commercial I was on hold for (for about a month) I didn't end up getting. Disappointed? Yes. Surprised? Not really. As I said previously, I didn't feel like I nailed that audition. But the client and casting director saw something in me they liked and decided I was in contention for the role. Then my hopes were raised (despite me trying to push them far down). Literally every day I had the thought, "is my agent going to ring me today?" which is SUCH a sucky feeling to have because it occupies so much of your mind and is the worst distraction when you're trying to be productive. Such is life.

BUT THEN. I auditioned for two Griffith Film School final year student films. Got called back for one, made it to final three. Found out today, I got the role!


Me to me upon receiving the news I booked the role.

Me to me upon receiving the news I booked the role.

It's just really nice to work hard doing what you love and to have someone recognise that passion and time you put into developing a character and learning the lines and decide you're the best fit for the role, you know? I was kind of surprised to get it. Not that I think I did a bad job, I was really happy with how my audition and callback went. But I think it's because I've gotten better at just letting go of roles after I've auditioned for them and only thinking of them again if there's a reason to (like when you're on hold for a commercial for a month and can't stop thinking about how that money would help your life so much right now). Everyone in the callbacks was super friendly and talented too, so it was anyone's game. First read through is in just under two weeks.

Exciting things are happening with Two Braids. We had a meeting today with a venue for our next event. It's so weird being an adult and producing stuff and doing things in the world not because someone told you to but because you want to. I'm really happy with where our company seems to be heading and I'm so eager to get the word out to the public about our next endeavour.

I had two photo shoots this past month: one for headshots and another for FuN. Super happy with the results of both. Here's one of my favourite images from my shoot with Jessie Kate.  If you're also looking for a quality, affordable headshot photographer, check out Wilhelmina Martens.



That's about it for now. I've got a show to curate for my students I teach, a script to write for a ~secret~ project and another script to revise and edit for an end of year production. I DON'T NEED SLEEP. SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK. HA. HAAAA. HAHAHAHA (help me).

Aimee Duroux